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More important than how you were born, is how you will be born again.
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Phoenix Cult

Adventure 1 People

Beseraw Orturen- A vampire elder who works at the bloodbank that Stark knows, is about 340, 1st lifetime. good friend

Cass Buerdhi – a girl who was bit by a dog when 6 years of age, now is about 24, 1st lifetime. good friend

Jerran – Man who owned the dog, and works as a baker, is about 65 on his, 2nd lifetime. Good friend

Nadine’s Mother – Also a were wolf. Lives in Norfall.

Adventure 2 People

-Three politicians have been added

-The boy and the girl were tracked down. They are named Arc Hatema, and Iceri Awghau

-Veshony is Arc’s mom’s name. Hatema is the maiden name. The father has not been around. Peis Rathem was the father’s name, the mom had seen him within five years, he was good looking.. He is a logger for the city, bringing in wood.
Mr. and Mrs. Awghau were helpful.

-Mephalis was the deity associated with necromancy before it was legal. The temple was associated with him.

Adventure 3 People
Riydan Thrauntad – This is the bald man who worked with the kids as part of the three. He is a larger short man who braves the wilderness to trade art goods. He is rather strong, and skilled with a sword for personal defense. His appearance is rather youthful since his last regeneration.

Adventure 4 People
Echof Preaven – (L17 wizard) He works in a capacity for the government of Norfall. He recommended that the group take advantage of a tracker that he has used before.

Adventure 5 Recon
Blewiu Cernaugh, has thick dark hair and sharp blue eyes, and a sharp nose. He wears cloth armor and wields a hand crossbow. Blewiu has an animal companion, a hunting dog named Britha. He is another politician, and asked the group to recon the zombie movements over the chasm between Alisar and Norfall.

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