There are steam ships as well, as magic is very common. One of the common transportation magics is a gravity-defier. The core is the large metal bottom of the ship. Then there are rune rods that can be adjusted for the angle, ascent, and decent. It works to fly above clouds, which works out well because the world is mostly overcast, more often than not. (about as often as London) The gravitydefier on the same settings, will boost the ships higher from the ground, than the clouds. The more expensive and complicated gravitydefiers, often called just the defiers, will allow ships to lean in comlpex angles. Steam propellers utilizing a magic heat exchanger move the ships. The props are small, but they are also magically imbued for speed. Most are mounted in the rear of the vessels. Magical combustion isn’t stable enough for the actual operation of the engines, similarly the reason that magical guns don’t exist. So the steam power is a necessity.

- cool model of steam ship in water

One of the common kinds of places in the world to be inhabited is on mountain peaks, well above the clouds. Works great for the airships, and defending.

More coming soon on this…
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