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Act I: Demon

Ancient deity was expunged from a temple in Norfall, but bits of him exist in the temple still
A dog entered the temple and became demonic by eating a paper imbued with the former deity.

Other deities react by sending our heroes indirectly

The demonic dog tries to kill a girl

The heroes killed the dog

The demonic dog causes the birth of a demon through direct contact with a young soul that believes in him
This girl became a dreamer for the demon
Bulbarus/Bulbus Demon Grown in dimensional space
Bulbarus is an impatient demon who is power hungry, very young
Bulbarus has the dreamer make art over the next few years
Two art pieces are given to a friend Mais, one a map the other a rune
Mais goes to the temple, sees a spot for the rune, then makes plans to connect them
Mais brings two friends and they place the rune
They are teleported to the demon’s dimension space
Their wills are dominated after a while
They are returned to the temple with a task to trick people into acknowledging his existence, then slay them
They slay 10 people with acknowledgements

Heroes stopped the slayings at 10

Act II: Encroaching Zombies, political intrigue, and the demon again at the end.

The demon has 10 souls and the dominated wills of the boy, girl, and bald big boy
Needs more temples, so he needs to convert more followers and have them construct crucial elements
The 10 souls are molded into golem builders of a new temple for the demon.
The two teens and the guy oversee the construction.
They plan to destroy the temple.
The heroes saw the work of Cassy the dreamer.
One of the marks resembles that of the red glowing marks on the three.
The heroes tracked down who the boy and girl were, but don’t know who the bald guy was.

Nadine’s mom is being taxed heavily, quadrupled taxes recently.
She is worried that she will not afford her place much longer.
They learned about a second wall being constructed about the city.
Construction has begun already, but it is very slow.
There is a politician spearheading the wall’s construction, Gaertim Vorsayton.
Crilat Hinkinor leads his opposition.
Nyarler Broradend is a peer and supporter of Gaertim.
Nyarler Broradend is head of the Masonry Guild in Norfall.

The heroes activated a rune in the temple.
Immediately, they were teleported to the plane of the demon where it could have dominated their wills.
In surprise, the demon sent them from his plane.
The heroes had mind melded with the demon, and know his plans.
They learned of a second temple being constructed by the demon.
Gathering up a friend named Gur to help them, they traveled to the construction site of the temple.
The golems and followers had left since the mind meld.
The heroes followed their tracks, but were attacked by a golem.
The heroes know that Bulbus has 9 golems left.

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