Necromancy has been legal for over 400 years. In the first hundred years, methods of immortality for the general public become formalized. Most people turn themselves into coins. While in the form of coins, they regenerate. Coining became the term for performing the process.

There are other ways, but coining became the most common way after the invention of the coining machines. One of the draw backs is that the user inherits some traits of the core person used in the development of the machine that returns them from coin form. It’s an unavoidable element of the technology or magic. Not everyone agrees which.

Traditional phylacteries do not exist. If a person is killed, they die. They don’t get to respawn. Many won’t die of old age, and nobody is invulnerable to being killed. Though there are ways to expedite the regeneration process. The more of the coins that a person becomes, the faster the regeneration process. With the same token, the farther apart that the coins are spread, the faster they will regenerate. The ease of use and efficiency made it the most popular method of sustaining lives.

Population growth is a topic of controversy. Some families hate having new members. Some love it. Most females are past the ability to have kids, even when they regenerate. Coining isn’t like being born again exactly. All that you are is made youthful again. Anything lost, is gone.

Since people are equivocated to value, there is a large black market. People will collect, sell, and trade both people in humanoid and coin form. Though highly illegal, it is very common.

The coins themselves generally look like the person. It’s expensive to customize your coins, but it is done. Each person’s coins are unique in the arcane spectrum, though they can be made to appear identical during visual inspection. Usually people prefer to look as unique in coin form as they do in humanoid form though.


There are vampires in the game setting. Draw backs to being a vampire are the need to feed and some people hate them. There is also the whole sun damage thing too. Though vampires get more powerful with age. They have integrated with society, so they use farms of cattle. Essentially the vampires have people they keep around to feed from. These people are commonly referred to as zombies, though there is a big difference between them and the far too common actual zombies. The slave people are in a form of stasis induced by the vampires through legal or at least feigned legal means. Some people want to be vampires, and will volunteer to be a “indentured servant” for lack of a better term. Then after the time is up, they are transformed. Vampires are immortal, and do not ever need to perform coining. 10% of population are vampires, there are an unknown number of zombies


Warforged exist in their own settlements apart form society. They are a people who became walking phylacteries in some ways. Many are envious of them, though many are not also. It is possible to become one, though rare. 5% of population is warforged

Kalashtar Incubation

Kalashtar exist as well in the world. They are a holy order that holds another being within them while it regenerates. (in this version of the Kalashtar, the host is the cognoscente one) This is the most envied method of regeneration. It is the safest, most expensive, efficient, and sacred. The Kalashtar are actually a religious order of human like people who’ve been able to infuse within them the ability to be another person’s phylactery in a way. 5% of population is Kalashtar


Shardminds are envied by many. They simply exist. There is no becoming one. They are born, and exist. They are the rarest race there is in the world. There are more Devas than Shardminds running about. Though it not uncommon to see two of them together if someone ever sees them since they are rare to each other as anyone else according to rumors. 1 in 200,000 might be a shardmind, Though there is uncertainty in that figure as public knowledge goes


The people who enjoy life the most live the longest. If they don’t want to live, they just stop living. So these are mostly people who either play it pretty safe, or live life to the max. Most people in the world are positive even in the face of adversity. Though the young sometimes are down in the dumps because the world is very complex with so many people who have been alive so long that think the young know nothing, or can do nothing.

The old saying that practice makes perfect is over played. People have been throwing horse shoes for two lifetimes or more for example. So being new to throwing horse shoes is very challenging.

The same is true for the work of craftsmen. With years of experience, the skilled workers leverage significant talent from years of practice. Apprenticeships never seem to end, likewise the consumption of those goods with an immortal population.

more on zombies, pacts, and others coming soon

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